Endocube is a proven product. Numerous case studies continue to demonstrate its effectiveness in commercial refrigerators. With proper installation in a properly maintained refrigerator,

Endocube will always work. The installation process for Endocube is very simple and basic. But if certain parts of the process are neglected, it can reduce the effectiveness of Endocube.

Step one



Place a Coldstik food thermometer in the unit and take a baseline

temperature. It can be zip tied to a rack in seconds. Or just set it in the box. (ColdStik is a sister product of Endocube)

This step is very important. Your goal, once Endocube is installed, is to make sure the unit is running at the desire pre–Endocube temperature. If this step is missed, the opportunity to maximize energy savings and the protection of your food product is possibly compromised.


Step Two


Install an Endocube over the thermostat bulb. There is hole at the top of the

Endocube for mounting purposes. A short sheet metal screw is necessary to mount it to the back or side of the evaporator unit, or it can be mounted to the wall of the unit.










Step three:


Often after installation, you may see a decrease in the temperature inside the unit. This usually takes place within the first few hours or within the first week. It is recommended to check the ColdStik reading the next day and for the next few days to make sure the unit is operating at the de-sired temperature. If the temperature has decreased, you will need to make a set point adjustment. As you can see, it is very important to use the Cold- Stik to help you establish a baseline so you can properly set the thermostat to maximize En-docube’s effectiveness in helping you save energy and reduce compressors starts.